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Snowflakes gently fluttered to the forest floor in the chilly winter air. It was completely silent. Tranquil even. The trees were covered with a blanket of white, glittering frost; and beneath them, the soil of the earth was also encased with the white snow. It was a seemingly peaceful winter day. But the silence was broken by the steady crunching of snow that echoed through the forest. A young male, looking about in his twenties, walked through the snowy forest without a care. He was wearing a worn out leather suit. Truthfully, it needed replacing.

The boy had spikey, dirty blonde hair and eyes the color of evergreen trees. One would describe him as a beauty. He sighed a bit and stopped walking, leaning against a tree and burying his face in his bare hands. "Why do I bother traveling with those idiots?" He whispered to himself. It had only been a few years since the..Incident..And even now Dante couldn't seem to manage on his own. Was it because he was raised as a prince? The pureblood shook his head. No, surely not. He was smarter than that. He took a shaky breath and pushed his bangs back, glaring forward for a moment.

"I can take care of myself just fine. After all, they look up to me as their leader." He reassured himself. The vampire paused a moment as the cool winter breeze blew again. Something was different about the nippy breeze this time..Dante's evergreen gaze flashed a blood red before returning to their original green. It was indeed carrying the familiar scent of blood..The vampire frowned softly and raised an eyebrow. "Interesting..I wonder what's bleeding.." He smiled a bit, a trace of sadistic pleasure flickering in his eyes.

It didn't take long for Dante to find the source of the smell. He followed it to the less dense part of the forest. There he saw something that actually upset the pureblood..Laying in a pool of its own blood was a wolf. A fae. And by her side were four pups, whimpering pathetically. They didn't even look a week old yet. Surely they would die without her..The vampire frowned a bit before walking over to the deceased she-wolf and kneeling beside her and her whimpering puppies. He ran his fingers along her flank gently until he felt what he was looking for. A bullet wound.

"Hunters.." Dante sighed. He frowned a bit and eyed the puppies with pity. "See, my species isn't the only one being hunted, little ones. I can relate to you completely." He murmured. The vampire fell silent before gently patting the largest brute's head. The pup let out a yelp and curled into a ball as he snuggled against his siblings for warmth. "I suppose I can't just leave you little ones here..We do share something rather significant in common.." Dante sighed as he sat back on his heels. After debating on the subject, the pureblood decided he would take the litter under his wing. But for experimental purposes only.


Dante breathed in heavily, watching as the third pup stumbled and fell to the ground with a soft thud. So far, none of these creatures could withstand his venom. Was it just because his venom was stronger than the average vampires? The pureblood frowned a bit. No, probably not..Vampire venom killed animals naturally..But he had been so careful! "Perhaps it just can't be done.." He sighed, scooping the tiny body up in his hands. He had waited, of course, until the pups had matured a bit more. Maybe it was in his best interest to wait a bit longer and then try once more on WP-4, the eldest pup.

WP-4 had matured quickly. Plus, he adapted without any issues. Dante liked that about the creature and had high hopes for him as well. He's as tough as iron.. The vampire thought. Dante didn't want to admit it, but he had gotten somewhat attached to the creature. He honestly hoped the experiment went well..The pureblood took one of his syringes and uncapped it before placing his fang to it gently. Then, he extracted a bit of his venom. After he had finished, he gazed over at the ink-furred puppy who was laying lazily in its cage.

"Alright, mutt..Lets hope this goes well..I haven't modified this. It's only my venom. After I inject you, I'll give you another injection containing the blood of your siblings." Dante explained. He didn't believe the puppy could understand him, but after his only company being four other purebloods that annoyed him to wits end, he honestly didn't care. The vampire made his way over the puppy's cage and knelt down infront of it, clicking his tongue a bit. The pup perked its ears up before crawling forward timidly. Dante took the chance to gently grab the puppy's forepaw and unlock the cage.

The vampire pulled the pup out gently before injecting it in the scruff of its neck. He sat back on his heels and watched the wolf puppy for a moment, narrowing his evergreen eyes. For a moment, nothing happened..But then the puppy let out a bloodcurdling screech and dug its claws into the ground. Dante's eyes widened before he fell backwards, watching in terror. The puppy howled in what sounded like completely agonizing pain as it snarled and foamed from the mouth, shaking its head back and forth viciously. Soon, it leapt straight at the vampire.

Dante reacted quickly enough. He side-stepped and grabbed the pup by the scruff of its neck before practically dragging it across his clearing. There, he bound and shackled the puppy by its limps. The vampire sighed shakily as he backed away from the viciously snarling wolf pup. With a frown, he shook his head a bit. "You really are as strong as iron, Kotetsu..I could learn a lot from you.." He murmured.
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*~General Plot~*: N/A

*~Summary~*: Dante is fed up with his followers and decides to take some time to himself.


This could be better.

I've been wanting to write this for awhile now.

It's just an overview for how Dante "meets" his vampire wolf, Kotetsu.

However, there's a few plotholes in it if we're going by Innocent Heart, Demonic Blood's timeline. So this is non-canon.

However! This is pretty much the general idea of what happened. Dante was irritated with his group and took some time to himself. That's when he found Kotetsu and his siblings.

Again, not completely satisfied with how this turned out, but..

Hope you enjoyed!


Cameos in the chapter: None

Characters seen in this chapter: Akuma Dante [link] & Kotetsu[link]

Word Count: 994

Time Taken: 3 Hour(s)
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