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The property grounds of Lunar Fangs Academy was very wide and spread out. The school itself was in a large clearing surrounded by a widespread forest. The main entrance to the school faced towards the very main part of the forest towards the abandoned city in the west. For this reason, vampires that arrived from this part of the forest and were quite easy to spot. Usually, vampires learned to either circle around to the back of the school or take refuge in the forest in the east. But some vampires were actually quite confident in coming from the west side.

One of those vampires being a former student. His name was Chidori Raikage. He couldn't remember his last name though, so it was pretty much useless to him. The same could be said with many of his memories. It had been that way when he was human as well. Chidori was well-known for changing and killing many of humans at the school. And almost everytime he left unscathed. The hunters sent out to kill him were always either unconscious, dead, or changed when they were rescued.

As of now, he was planning to go directly into the school. Why not? He couldn't lose. The vampire narrowed his bright, blood-red eyes and smirked as he blew his black bangs from his face only for them to fall in front of his eyes again. "Pretty pathetic how they can't even protect the grounds.." He chuckled darkly. He rolled his eyes and continued walking. He could smell the thousands of humans already. It made the vampires eyes flash hungrily. He extended his fangs and growled, speeding up slightly.

The hunger hurt. It made him even more indignant than usual. It burned in his throat. Sure, he could kill an animal. But that would never satisfy him. Not unless he was truly desperate. Chidori was used to the burn now. It was worse seven years ago when he was first changed. He shook the thought away. "I'm surprised no one's come out yet.." He muttered, narrowing his red gaze. "They spotted me." He shrugged. "Oh well.." The words were barely out of his mouth when a bullet grazed his shoulder. The vampire hissed and whirled around, spotting a teenage male. Probably about thirteen or fourteen.

"Stupid brat." Chidori sighed, shaking his head. The boy gulped, shakily reloading his gun. "I-I suggest you leave..I just told my partner to inform the lead teacher of your presence you leech!" He spat. Chidori raised an eyebrow skeptically. "Is that so?.." He laughed, striding over to the teen. He easily dodged each bullet that was shot at him by side-stepping and ducking down. Eventually, the black-haired, red-eyed vampire was right in front of the young, teenage hunter. The boy gulped in fear and gripped his now-empty gun tightly, taking a step back.

"Leave.." Chidori repeated. He seemed genuinely amused as he had a smirk spread across his face. He snorted and leaned over so he was looking straight into the boy's eyes. "Why should I? You pathetic humans can't kill me.." He grinned coldly and narrowed his eyes before reaching out and grabbing the boy by the neck. The poor teen had absolutely no reaction time. In a panic, he dropped his gun and flailed his arms in an attempt to hit the vampire.

It didn't work.

"Nice try. But I'm afraid I've caught you, brat." Chidori chuckled, pulling the boy towards him. He extended his fangs and licked them once as he eyed the hunter's neck hungrily. The boy stared at the vampire's fangs in horror. "N-no! Please don't! I can't be bitten!" He wailed, struggling even more desperately now. Chidori only rolled his eyes. "You have that tablet that reverses the affects of our venom.." He sighed, dismissing the boy's pleas. "If I don't drain you, you can take that." He grinned and proceeded to sink his fangs into the boy's neck, ignoring the young hunter's cries of pain.

Unfortunately for the young hunter, he wouldn't be able to take the tablet. Chidori had decided draining him would satisfy his never-ending desire for blood. Eventually the vampire retracted his fangs and let the boy's body fall to the ground. He glared down at the young hunter somewhat coldly, thoughts racing through his head. He immediately pushed them away before shaking his head. "Now my senses shouldn't act up going into that damned school.." He mumbled under his breath as he turned and walked off.

Chidori was special. His senses for a vampire were "overly-acute". His eyes were always red because he was always bloodthirsty. He always tasted blood in his mouth and he would lose his control at the smallest drop of blood. Even the faintest scent of the liquid. As incredible as his senses could be sometimes, they made him suffer at times. Going into a building filled with humans probably wasn't his best idea..But oh well..

Before he could even go a step further, his shoulder felt the graze of yet another bullet. Now Chidori was starting to get irritated. He whirled around and set his gaze on his attacker. "Shoot me, I dare you." He snarled, narrowing his red eyes.
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*~General Plot~*: Both humans and vampires must fight for survival whilst trying to convince each other that their species isn't as horrible as thought to be. But this becomes harder and harder to do with the stereotypical types in each species. Which species will live through the coming apocalypse?

*~Summary~*: We get a small description of the school grounds and are introduced to Chidori Raikage.


Meet one of my personal favorite characters, Chidori. Hopefully you like him too. I can't say too much about him due to spoilers, but he's a likable character once you read about him more.

Anyway, I'm sorry this took so long. I've been somewhat busy. I like how this chapter came out though and I hope you do too!

In chapter five we'll see our first cameo character, so keep your eyes peeled!

Hope you're enjoying so far!


Cameos in the chapter: None (But the ending is the introduction to one)

Characters seen in this chapter: Chidori Raikage [link]

Word Count: 871

Time Taken: 1 1/2(s)
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