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Character Biography: Marcus Barret by ping600 Character Biography: Marcus Barret by ping600

Full name: Marcus James Barret

Pronunciation: Mawr-Cuss

Nickname(s) or Alias: Mark (Pretty much always goes by Mark)

Gender: Male

Species: Jackal/Human hybrid

Age: 29

Birthday: February 1

Sexuality: Hetrosexual (Straight)

Nationality: His father was German and his mother was Hungarian. He was born in American though.

Religion: Difficult to explain. Mark claims to be an Atheist as he does not believe in "god" or a higher up or any sort of "deity". However, he does set certain standards for himself which he does live by. In a way, he does believe in something. But he doesn't know what. He could be considered agnostic considering he won't believe something unless he sees it but..To put it simply, the whole concept of Religion annoys and confuses him.

Currently lives: Sandiord - Brittle (The city) Sandiord Boarding School Academy for Boys and Girls

Native language: English; but can speak German and Hungarian fluently. Often heard muttering under his breath in both his other two languages.

Relationship Status: Single


Height: 6'7

Weight: 200lbs Mark is not overweight; he is just tall and muscular which results in him being heavy

Figure/build: Extremely fit; muscular.

Hair colour: Light brown hair. Can appear dark depending on how the light hits it.

Hairstyle: Slightly curled. Short. (See images for better description.)

Eye colour: Dark green

Skin/fur/etc colour: Mark's skin is pretty tan. His ears are a brownish-red with an ashy grey at the tips and his tail is an ashy grey except for the end which is a dark, almost black, grey.

Hybrid Feature: Two large, pointy jackal ears and a slim, furry jackal tail that hangs just above his ankles. His canines are sharpened slightly, but not by much. Nonetheless, you wouldn't want him to bite you.

Preferred style of clothing: Mark's partial to Cuban style clothing. (For men, obviously.) He usually wears khakis. Mark also loves Polo shirts. Occasionally he'll dress up in a formal tux for something special, but he hates doing so. Mark can sometimes be seen wearing a black hoodie with dark, black shades and blue jeans. This is extremely casual though.

Frequently worn jewellery: Usually just seen wearing his shades


Allergies: He's lactosintolarent


Personality: Mark is rather dark and morbid. He's described by others as "scary" or "intimidating". To be quite honest, Mark isn't really "all there" himself. He has a very short temper and won't hesitate to hurt someone for any sort of reason. He can be extremely dangerous when he feels like it and it's best to back off if he's in a bad mood. However, he's smart and won't do anything for naught. If it could land him in major trouble, the hybrid wouldn't do it..(In public..With witnesses..) Aside from that, Mark is very blunt and sarcastic with a dry sense of humor. And he often means every word that comes out of his mouth when he teases people with his cruel humor. One thing about Mark that seems to amuse other people though is that, being so anti-social, he has no idea how to act around people in public. So he's pretty much the most socially-awkward person you'll ever meet. And when he tries to act cool, he fails..Badly.

Likes: Sharp things, thunder/lightning storms, the dark, night time, staying up late, meat, dark and morbid things, rock/hard metal music.

Dislikes: Teenagers, snow, bright lights, waking up early, politics, pop/hip-hop music, vegetables.

Fears/phobias: Death. And some humans.

Favourite colour: Black and red

Hobbies: Besides coming up with new ideas for things to do in class everyday with his students, Mark enjoys sharpening his knives and practicing throwing them. He used to go out to a shooting range, but he learned pretty quickly how bad he was at it..He also enjoys reading and listening to rock music.

Taste in music: Any type of rock/hard metal. His favorite being "black metal".


Talents/skills: He's pretty good with knives and other sharp objects. And he's good at close-combat fighting. Being a P.E. teacher, Mark is naturally strong and fit.


Favourite food(s): Meat like steak and such; chicken/poultry, some seafood.

Favourite drink(s): (Black) coffee; Monster Energy drinks, water

Disliked food: Vegetables; fruits

Disliked drinks: Milk


Describe the character's house/home: His home in Brittle is a decent-sized apartment. It has a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and guest room. The living room is a fairly large size with a couch and large screen TV. There's a computer and a few lamps and such. Nothing too exciting. Same with the kitchen; just a refrigerator, stove/oven, table, sink, trash, and the basics. His bathroom is fairly small with just a toilet, shower, sink, and hamper. Mark's room is large with a queen-sized bed and dark red and black sheets. The walls are black and red as well as the rest of the furniture. He has a desk and a TV and his own laptop. The guest room, however, was converted into a room for his younger sister, Patience. Mark's dorm is pretty average. It's neat and simple. He wouldn't be caught dead with a messy room. The sheets of Mark's bed are black and red while his walls are a plain white. He had an oak desk with a lamp and a laptop. His papers and other work related stuff are neatly organized in the corner of his desk. He has two oak sidetables on either side of his bed and only one lamp on the left one along with a digital clock. He doesn't have a TV considering he doesn't need one.


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Mark is actually pretty aggressive. On rare occasions, he can be pretty peaceful, but it depends.

Special skills/magical powers/etc: While there's nothing overly exciting to say about Mark's abilities, it's worth noting that his hearing and sense of smell are great. But overall, he's great with his teeth and specializes in knives.

Strengths in combat: Mark's good at close-combat. You wouldn't want him to come at you with a knife or his teeth from up close. Especially considering how strong he is.

Weaknesses in combat/general: Mark's terrible at long range fighting. He's working at throwing his knives, but it really doesn't matter. He relies solely on his strength which sometimes doesn't always work. Like when he goes up against a faster opponent. It's also worth mentioning that Mark isn't the fastest when it comes to fighting.


Parents names: Roderick and Aniko Barret

Are parents alive or dead? Dead

Is the character still in contact with their parents? No

Siblings? Relationship with siblings? Mark has one younger brother named Ace who is a fox hybrid. He doesn't exactly see eye-to-eye with his brother, but that doesn't matter as he just ignores him anyway. Mark is pretty cold to his little brother and couldn't care less what the fox hybrid's opinions about him are.

Other Important Relatives: He has an adoptive little sister named Patience who is a Monarch butterfly hybrid. Mark and Patience, on the other hand, get along just fine. Infact, Mark seems to be somewhat intimidated by Patience a bit..

Partner/Spouse: N/A

Best Friend: So far, he hasn't exactly made many friends. (I'll probably edit this later.)

Other Important Friends: So far, he hasn't exactly made many friends. (I'll probably edit this later.)

Acquaintances: Anyone who hasn't been listed.

Enemies? Why are they enemies?: He has quite a few enemies. Ace considers him an enemy, but this only makes him smirk and chuckle in amusement. Mark doesn't count his brother "worthy" of being his enemy.


Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): Mark was born in a human hospital. Things went well at first. He hid his appearance as much as he could, only showing his ears, tail, and sharpened canines on Halloween. Infact, he even had quite a few human friends that knew he was a hybrid. And they accepted him and loved him for this. Life was going great for Mark, nothing looked like it could go wrong.

Describe their teenage years (11 - 14): It was when he turned twelve that his life took a dramatic turn for the "worse". His little brother, Ace, was born in the same hospital he had been. Naturally, things should've turned out the same for the fox hybrid and life should've been great right?


Mark's friends found it odd that his brother was also a hybrid. He became very protective of his brother, but eventually he gave up in doing so and joined in with the human children, picking on his own little brother. In doing so, many viewed Mark as a horrible hypocrite and just left him. Mark blamed Ace completely and ignored the fox boy from then on. But word of the hybrid family had spread like wildfire, and soon they had no choice but to move. Mark didn't want to, but they had no choice. He despised his parents for doing so after that.

Their family settled into a small cabin in the woods and took in an orphaned Monarch butterfly hybrid as well. A few years after all this, when Ace and Patience were playing out in the woods, Mark's hatred for his family had reached its limit. He snapped at his parents and chased them away from the house. (Or atleast..That's what he "admits" to doing..) He informed his siblings that their parents were killed and they had to move on. The siblings had reached the hybrid town of Sandiord and decided to stay there. Ace hated it, but Mark didn't care and didn't bother pursuing his brother as the fox boy ran off. He and his sister lived in the city from then on.


Mark is my second hybrid for my girlfriend, :iconsevendegreesummer:'s RP group, Hu-Hybri! { [link] }

His celebrity base is the amazing Micheal C. Hall. Also known as Dexter Morgan from the awesome show Dexter.

As you may have noticed, Mark's personality was slightly influenced by Dexter himself. Hopefully I don't go to crazy on that..


Apperance: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]

Marcus Barret (c) :iconping600:

OC Bio Layout (c) :iconttotheaffy: (slightly edited by :iconsevendegreesummer:)

*I don't own any of the pictures shown~!*
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Ahhh Marcus~~ <3
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